Rock in Style With Stylish Men’s Blazers

Rock in Style With Stylish Men’s Blazers

Today, times have changed, so the silhouette and fit. The key to wear men’s blazer is to know the purpose for which it is required. This sartorial piece of cloth scores high on flexibility. The history of blazer can be traced back to Cambridge University and Lady Margaret team who sported the blazers for the very first time. It is a statement fashion piece nowadays.

Rock in Style With Stylish Men's Blazers

Unstructured blazer

The unstructured blazers is meant for gents who don’t need to wear traditional clothes at their workplace. These blazers offer an incredible style. Casual details can be added to the blazer like front pockets, multiple buttons, contrast color shades, thus making them ideal winter wear or a layer up for the summer season.

Structured Blazer

The structured blazers focus more upon the fit: it remains snug fit to the body while concentrating on the shape. The structured blazer requires top notch quality fabric and a reputable store. On the first sight, the jacket appears simple, elegant with minimal details. You can buy men blazer online.


A blazer is available in various shades and coloured blazer is perfectly appropriate at places where you wish to make a sartorial statement. Starting from off- beat shades like yellow, green, purple, pastel shades are the best. The lighter pastel shades looks great during the day time while darker shades and tones look better during the night. The linen blazers India can be brought in various shades.

You can pair it with stark white chino jeans.

White Blazer- It is effortlessly the summer must have blazer. Due to its cool look it can be contrasted with any kind of accessories. You can dial it up with cotton chinos in summer or flannel in the winter days. Complete the look with boat shoes or boots depending upon the weather conditions.

Navy Blazer- Sail away in navy blazer because it is the most versatile option available. Invest in cobalt blue options or deep blue options and pair it up with navy chinos. Designed to complete your corporate look!

Check blazer

The blazers for men also come in check options. You can opt for window pane check or tartan check or intellectual vibe. The options are endless. To eschew the glittery look, keep the base shade of blazer in neutral tone like cream, brown, navy or blue.

The best fabric for summer season is linen. This lightweight blazer breathes and let the sun escape from the body. It is far better than woolen blazer. And a wide range of color options are also available to keep your body cool. The next notch up is cotton blazer. It is a kind of fabric that breathes well and is luxurious than linen. It is a superb yarn that can be mixed with silk, wool, polyester, depending upon the fabric quality.

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